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Frequently asked questions

What Is Addiction Rehab?


Rehabs are structured treatment programs aimed at helping those struggling with addiction. Rehab can help addicts work toward a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle.

What Happens in Addiction Rehab?

Addiction rehab treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual. This generally involves some combination of detoxification (detox), group and individual substance abuse therapy, relapse prevention education, and aftercare planning prior to program completion in order to maintain long-term sobriety.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

There isn't a set period of time that applies to everyone when it comes to rehabilitation. Many rehab facilities offer 30-day programs. However, some individuals benefit from longer treatment programs, such as 60-day, 90-day, or even longer-term treatment at residential or inpatient treatment centers to further develop and maintain a steady recovery path. When determining the appropriate length of treatment, treatment professionals will take into consideration the history and severity of the addiction, specific substances used, any co-occurring medical, mental, or behavioral health conditions, and the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of the individual.

Studies find that those who spend three months or longer in treatment programs have better rates of long-term sobriety. Longer programs afford the opportunity to focus on the root causes and behaviors behind the addiction, and more time to practice sober living behaviors.

Does Rehab Cure Addiction?


There is no cure for addiction, but it can be managed effectively. Regardless of its duration, drug and alcohol addiction recovery doesn't conclude after the patient completes a rehabilitation program.  Recovery from substance use is an ongoing, lifelong process. Managing an addiction involves learning how to navigate through daily life without using, and involves hard work and dedication.

What Are Faith-Based Rehabilitation Centers?

The idea that drives Christian-based addiction counseling is to break their reliance on their own will (“Man’s Way) and encourages them to accept “God’s Way.” Christian counseling seek to break the ideas that people are in control of their own destinies and can change without God’s help. Acceptance of God and his control over the world and destiny are crucial to success in Christian counseling.

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