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• Food Boxes & Hope Distribution Center Given Out: Over 1800 Boxes

• Expanded Hope Distribution Center Food And Emergency Services To Four Days A Week

• Warm Items Given Out: Over 350 Coats, Hundreds Of Gloves & Hats 

• More Coats Were Distributed During "ROC After Christmas Party"

• Christmas Gifts Given Out: Over 750 Toys And Clothes

• Sponsored Four Key Campaigns Of Feeding And Giveaway Events

• Three Great Holiday Celebrations At Each Kitchen

• Celebrated Serving Meals 365 Days A Year For 27 Years On Christmas Day 2015

• Several New Opportunities For 2016 To Expand TLK Services


The Lord's Kitchen is a 501C3 nonprofit.

Thank you for your prayers, service, and financial support to help make all we do possible.  Your seed will multiply “as the stars of the sky, and sands of the seashore” as the Lord promised NUMEROUS TIMES to many of the fathers of faith.  See below options to give:

-Go to: our donation giving page HERE.
-Mail: TLK • PO Box 19229 • Louisville, KY 40259.

Please consider being a "Key Weekly Volunteer" as well. We also need those who can volunteer periodically throughout the year.  Other forms of assistance are also appreciated; such as trucks, vehicles, parts, materials, specialized labor, special contacts, some appliances, some food and other items.  Call to check with us about these items at 502.413.0198 and leave a voice mail or send an e-mail to: [email protected]